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Looking at University Security and Psychology Programs in the Wake of the Lone Star College Stabbings

Looking at University Security and Psychology Programs in the Wake of the Lone Star College Stabbings

Tuesday’s stabbing attack which injured more than a dozen people at Lone Star College’s Cy-Fair campus was followed Thursday by a pair of bomb threats at St. Thomas University. These incidents underscore the need for college campuses to provide a secure learning environment for students. One step many campuses have taken in recent years is to seek to improve security protocols. During this week’s incident at Lone Star Cy-Fair, the campus was locked down, and many students and faculty were informed by e-mails or texts to their phones. Similar communication occurred as St. Thomas University’s campus was cleared Thursday in reaction to the bomb threats. Other area schools have similar emergency alert procedures in place.

Another concern – one that is harder to address – is how, if possible, to identify students that might become violent, and provide necessary services to help them before they become so. Some who know the attacker at Lone Star Cy-Fair described behavior that, if aggregated and communicated to a mental health professional, might have represented enough red flags to suggest some level of intervention.

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