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Space City’s Role in the Future of Space Travel

Space City’s Role in the Future of Space Travel

Johnson Space Center's Control Room (Image by Victor Palomares)

Johnson Space Center’s Control Room (Image by Victor Palomares)

Last week, a new class of eight astronauts-in-training reported to Johnson Space Center to begin two years of training. But training for what, exactly? The shuttle program’s retired – in fact, while the astronauts train, a space shuttle replica currently on display at Space Center Houston will be joined by the shuttle carrier aircraft to form a permanent, six story high walk-through exhibit opening in 2015. It’s an interesting contrast: new astronauts in training, and a mothballed shuttle program on display – both here, in Space City. But what does it mean to be Space City when America’s future of space exploration is so cloudy? What will Houston’s role be in the future of space travel? We spoke with former NASA astronaut Bonnie Dunbar and Steven González, Deputy of the Strategic Opportunities and Partnership Development Office at the NASA/Johnson Space Center.

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