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How Lawmakers Serve Us in Texas

How Lawmakers Serve Us in Texas

U-S Senator and Houstonian Ted Cruz has been at the center of the squabbling in Congress that’s led to the partial shutdown of the federal government. On the Senate floor and in the media, he’s led the charge to defund the Affordable Care Act by any means necessary, including calling to tie such action to funding the government. Cruz’s fellow Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, equally opposed to the Affordable Care Act, has, at times, demonstrated some subtle differences from Cruz, like having his name removed from a letter to Democrats this summer vowing to tie defunding the Affordable Care Act to an upcoming debt ceiling vote. Last week, Senator Cornyn noted that Republicans are – quote – “all unified in the same goal. It’s just a difference in the family over the tactics.” Who serves Texans better: a lawmaker who stands his ground, regardless of the consequences, or one who compromises in the face of them, giving up ground in the interest of stability? Our host Craig Cohen spoke with Dr. Christine LeVeaux, Political Science Professor; Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, Honors College at University of Houston and Dr. Justin Kirkland, Political Science Professor, University of Houston.

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