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Does Houston Have an Image Problem?

Does Houston Have an Image Problem?

Houston: The City With No Limits Print AdThe Greater Houston Partnership is launching a new branding campaign called Houston: The City with No Limits.

The campaign is geared towards Millennials to move to Houston. It’s not the city’s first effort to create a better image for itself.

The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau has had two campaigns, both of which were geared towards potential visitors.

We discuss Houston’s image problem, the new branding campaign and how the city is working to change its perception in the outside world.

And, as we discuss Houston’s image problem, we wanted to get a perspective on what another city has had to deal with in terms of changing the outside world’s perception of it.

So Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty called up some folks where he just moved from — a place known as the Biggest Little City in the World — Reno, Nevada.

We learn about their “Biggest Little City” image campaign.

  • A former Houston resident

    Yes, Houston has an image problem. You a part of Texas. Your insane government, and the assortment of gun nuts, Christian fundies, bigots, red necks, neo-confederates, and just plain ignorant folks who elect that government scare the dickens out of the educated youth of the country. Why would a sane person want to move to a state that elected Rick Perry governor over, and over, and over, and over………