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Red Light Cameras in Houston: The History, Controversy and Legacy

Red Light Cameras in Houston: The History, Controversy and Legacy

Red Light CameraWe all witness it from time to time (heck, some of us might willingly admit doing it ourselves): running a red light. Unfortunately, what may seem to some as a fleeting and relatively innocuous offense can have terrible consequences, as evidenced last month by the deaths of four people in southwest Harris County. A suspected drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into a car. The driver who ran the light survived; everyone in the other car died.

The City of Houston installed red light cameras at a number of downtown Houston intersections in 2006, in part to try to limit such incidents. But voters said no to the cameras in 2010, and they were disconnected. City officials, having heard the will of the people loud and clear, have no plans to bring them back. But should we consider it?

We explore the history, controversy, and legacy of red light cameras in Houston.

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  1. Red Light CameraRed Light Camera07-08-2014

    WHAT RED LIGHT CAMERAS CAN’T DO: a) Cameras can ‘t stop people from driving drunk. b) Cameras can’t stop people from running red lights. c) Cameras do not help drivers make better decisions at the yellow light.

    WE ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT and misunderstanding the core issue!
    Most of the people labeled “Red light runners” are actually law abiding citizens who are GUESSING WRONG AT THE YELLOW.

    If it’s really all about safety, then the real question is: WHY ARE WE GUESSING AT THE YELLOW in the first place?

    Our #FINNLINE SOLUTION (Found on You Tube) explains a system that a) Is a concept that is FREE b) Gives law abiding citizens who want to obey the law a fighting chance to perfectly time the yellow light 100% of the time c) Potentially eliminates all rear end collisions at signalized intersections.

    The cost?

    It’s only $5.00 in paint.

    There are no multimillion dollar payouts to corporations and their executives. It’s just paint!

    Send us an IM via face book and we will show you why red light cameras qualify as ENTRAPMENT. (The government forces us to guess then penalizes us for guessing wrong).

  2. Red Light CameraRed Light Camera07-08-2014

    Know anyone fighting a red light camera ticket?
    Send them this link: