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Partnership Unites the Many Organizations that Help Houston’s Homeless

Partnership Unites the Many Organizations that Help Houston’s Homeless

Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public MediaEarlier this month, Mayor Sylvester Turner launched an initiative that encourages giving to organizations that assist the homeless — instead of giving to panhandlers. With downtown Houston as a backdrop, the mayor unveiled a billboard for a campaign called “Meaningful Change – Not Spare Change.”

As News 88.7’s Florian Martin reported, the mayor said while Houstonians are very philanthropic and want to give to panhandlers, this makes it harder for homeless organizations to get them off the street permanently.

“The focus is to redirect our giving in such a way that can be much more long-lasting,” Turner said. “And then we’re just not enablers.”

He said people should donate to The Way Home, an initiative to end homelessness in Greater Houston. But what exactly is The Way Home – and how is it different than efforts in the past to address homelessness in the area?

As we learn from Eva Thibaudeau and Sara Brown from the Coalition for the Homeless, the program is a collaboration between more than 100 nonprofits in the region who offer some sort of service to homeless individuals.

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