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City Exchange: What Could Houston Learn from San Antonio?

City Exchange: What Could Houston Learn from San Antonio?

City of San Antonio: (Photo courtesy: sanantonio.gov)(Above: The San Antonio skyline. Photo courtesy: sanantonio.gov)While we prefer to think of Houston as the most important city in Texas, we are aware that other cities exist here. In fact, we’re thrilled to see Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and other communities succeed because their success bodes well for the entire state.

This week, we engage in a little “city exchange” with some of the other major communities in Texas, as we talk with reporters and columnists from each town about the major developments in their communities — both good and bad — and consider what lessons Greater Houston might learn from them.

We kick off our series with a conversation about developments in — and lessons learned from — San Antonio with Rick Casey, a former Houston Chronicle columnist and host of Texas Week on KLRN in San Antonio, and the Houston Chronicle’s Native Texan columnist Joe Holley.

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