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Why Does Houston Have So Many Mattress Stores?

Why Does Houston Have So Many Mattress Stores?

So maybe you’ve noticed: Houston seems to have more mattress stores per capita than it does molecules of humidity in the air. So why is that? Can Houston really support so many mattress stores — and how often do people even buy new mattresses?

Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin finds out.

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  1. AndostreAndostre08-03-2015

    I can’t think of any other product that costs a similar amount of money that has the same number of retail locations. Most people I’ve talked with about this assume that this is because mattresses are so marked up that the mattress companies can then afford to have so many stores. I was hoping for this assumption to be addressed in the report.

  2. GlenWGlenW08-03-2015

    They didn’t mention 3-6-9 at that old strip mall.

  3. Ali WrightAli Wright08-04-2015

    Thanks for addressing this topic. Mattress Firm irritates me so much with all of their locations that I will never buy from them.

  4. MansgameMansgame08-05-2015

    Profit margins in furniture are insanely high. That’s how that guy who wears a mattress and his clones can throw around so much ad money around and how on every corner there is a furniture store. Some items like mattresses however don’t require a big show room so it’s easy rent out a little space for them and just ship them out of a warehouse. It gives them the benefit of a large superstore with the visibility of boutique stores. Why drive all the way up to I-45 when you can look at one next to your Starbucks run?

    Also, it’s a cultural thing now that you need to have a top of a line mattress. You don’t.

  5. Terrance JacksonTerrance Jackson02-22-2016

    Who on earth uses a store front, hires employees and run electricity for advertisement? Just rent a billboard