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Counselor Helps Expats Adjust to Life in Houston

Counselor Helps Expats Adjust to Life in Houston

Dr. Eva Gortner

Dr. Eva Gortner is a psychologist who specializes in helping ex-pats.

If you’ve lived in Houston any length of time, chances are you’ve noticed the diversity of the city – and that a lot of people here were born in another country. This means plenty of Houstonians are adjusting – not just to living in a new city, but also to living in a completely different country and culture. Then there’s the many Houstonians who move abroad to work in industries like oil and gas, and those folks might experience re-entry shock when they return home.

Either way, adjusting – or readjusting – to life in Greater Houston can be challenging. To find out just how challenging it is, Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin spoke with Dr. Eva Gortner, a psychologist who specializes in helping expats.

Edel met Dr. Gortner at her office and started by asking about her experience in dealing with these two kinds of expats on a daily basis in Houston.

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