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Houston Poet Kristi Beer Reads Her Poem ‘Snapshot’

Houston Poet Kristi Beer Reads Her Poem ‘Snapshot’

VaV-Social-ShareIn this first installment of the 2017 edition of Houston Public Media’s poetry series Voices and Verses, produced by Catherine Lu, we meet Houston poet, Kristi Beer, and hear an intimate and evocative poem called Snapshot.

Kristi Beer works for the nonprofit literary organization, Inprint. She has a B.A. from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.

Her poetry has been published in several anthologies, including Time Slice and Untameable City: Poetry on the Nature of Houston, as well as in the journals Frogpond and Happy. She lives with her family in Bellaire.


You, on our first real date, knocking
on my door and looking
more handsome than I’d remembered.

Me, later, shivering
on the Rice campus
as you showed me your old

haunts then wrapped your arm
around me, though I was still

wary, having never dated
a Republican before.

After coffee, an unexpected trip to
the psychic next door,
the whole family watching TV
around the dinner table at 10 p.m.,
the smell of sauteed spices
still simmering in the air,

immigrants, just trying to make
a living like the rest of us.

She took my hand and told
me not to worry that I

was a good mother
and you were my soulmate,
ten dollars please

which she tucked tidily
into her bible while I tried
to overhear what her daughter was telling
you one bedroom over.

Later still, although I had
no intention, your light touch
under my sweater catapulting
me to a different dimension,
a black hole, perhaps,
my lips devouring yours
and sealing, it seems,
our fate.

“Snapshot” is reprinted with permission by the author.

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