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Revisiting the Bike Plan, and Surviving Life in the Oil and Gas Industry: Thursday’s Show (February 16, 2017)

Revisiting the Bike Plan, and Surviving Life in the Oil and Gas Industry: Thursday’s Show (February 16, 2017)

Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public MediaThe weekend Houston hosted Super Bowl 51, there were two fatal accidents involving cyclists and light rail trains. Those were just two recent examples that highlight the danger cyclists face on the roads in Greater Houston. And they came as the Houston City Council prepares to take up the Houston Bike Plan. Mary Blitzer of Bike Houston says she wants the city to investigate whether street design plays a role in such accidents.

So, how are bike advocates responding and how will the official bike plan be tweaked for safety – if at all?

On this edition of Houston Matters, we talk it over with Blitzer and Gail Delaughter, News 88.7’s transportation reporter.

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He discusses those challenges, and offers advice for coping with such a volatile industry, in his book Financial Survival for Oil and Gas Workers.

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